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The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra

presents Jackrabbit Parole, a low intensity performance and ongoing research that unfolds over time in a tower. The tower is used as a watch tower, signal tower, hiding place, studio and stage. The artwork is an attempt to escape from accelerating capitalism, from an arbitrary power that infiltrates our emotions and desires. It is a breakout doomed to failure, a collection of highly unreliable artistic experiments with the purpose to parasitise the illness of society and invert its symptoms into resistence.

The performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra embrace their own paranoia and schizophrenic tendensies and try to trick the system by putting its own rottenness to use.

The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra is a performance duo consisting of Maria Stiernborg and Kajsa Wadhia. Since 2013 they have been touring their first performance in Sweden, Finland and Britain, for example to Marabouparken, Stockholm, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Inkonst, Malmö, Kiasma, Helsingfors and TripSpace Projects, London. They have also performed a commissioned piece ”The Blob” during Deleuze Studies Daughters of Chaos International Conference at Konstfack, Stockholm. Stiernborg & Wadhia previously worked together in performing arts collective Arena Baubo.

 In their artistic work they are searching for what postition, inside a capitalist system, the artist needs to take, when the main commodity is creativity. They propose that symptoms of illness, produced by society, can be used as artistic tools and inverted into political resistence. Rather than suggesting solutions, they investigate what happens if we do not try to make things easy, but instead allow for dysfunction, frictions and delays by using disengagement, anti-relational aesthetics, obstruction, rigidity, nonsense, repetition and slowness as artistic methods.


Supported by Kulturbryggan and MDT