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Stockholm, July 29-31

Stockholm is a city that comes to life in summer and Stockholm music & arts is located on the beautiful island of Skeppsholmen, surrounded by the city’s glittering water landscapes, lies at the heart of Stockholm. Acting as a cultural hub for both Sweden and Scandinavia, Stockholm is a city well deserving of its own international music festival. Stockholm Music & Arts is that festival and with food, drink and great company we will celebrate the city, summer, art and music in a distinctive urban archipelago setting. 

We aim to provide a high quality program that is both ambitious and unique that will help expand the musical and cultural horizons of our nation’s capital. On July 29th – 31th this year, Stockholm Music & Arts will continue last years success (Van Morrison, Tori Amos and many more) and offer a program that combines intelligent art with distinct musical artistry – some of the best Sweden (and the world) has to offer.

If you have any questions please send us an email at: info@stockholmmusicandarts.com


You can find information about the art program here.


Please note: We ask visitors to note that the garden stage (Trädgårdsscenen) is a place in the festival area with a limited number of spectators. This means that even if you are inside the festival area and have a ticket you are not guaranteed a place to see the concerts at the garden stage (Trädgårdsscenen). We advice people to arrive early to make sure to get inside this part of the festival area.

Times and a more specific schedule will be presented soon. Important! Luger and Stockholm Music & Arts reserves for any changes in artist setups and performances before as well as during the festival. Tickets is only sold to the festival and not for individual artists and performances and therefore it’s not possible to redeemed your ticket in case of cancellations or changes at the festival.

Opening hours

Wristband exchange:
Friday: 10:00-23:00
Saturday: 10:00-23:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 23:00

The wristband exchange is located at the festival entrance at Skeppsholmen. 

Friday: 11:45 – 01:00
Saturday: 11:45 – 01:00
Sunday: 11:45 – 00:00 

Fredag 12:30 – 01:00
Lördag 12:30 – 01:00
Söndag 12:30 – 00:00 

All ticket holders have free entrance between 10:00 – 12:00 to the exhibition Yayoi Kusama ”I oändligheten” . The exhibition takes place at Moderna Museet and ArkDes.

Find the festival area

Travel to Stockholm and Skeppsholmen

If traveling from outside of Stockholm we recommend you to take the train back and forth to Stockholm. See www.sj.se for current departures. Skeppsholmen is centrally located in Stockholm. We encourage our visitors to use public transportation, or walk to Skeppsholmen. One can not take the car to the Stockholm Music & Arts. The road is closed after the Grand Hotel. Taxis will stop at the Grand Hotel.

Travel by public transportation

Skeppsholmen is reached either from walking there from Kungsträdgårdens metro station, or by bus 65. You can also reach the festival with the Djurgården ferry that goes to the island’s eastern half. See www.sl.se for current times.

Skeppsholmen & Stockholm

For more information on Stockholm, and how to book hotels online please visit: http://www.visitstockholm.com/en/

Skeppsholmen is centrally located and easy to reach by walking or public transportation. The nearest metro station is Kungsträdgården. Skeppsholmen can also be reached with Bus 65 or with the Djurgården Ferry. For more information on public transportation in Stockholm, and to plan your trip visit http://www.sl.se/. To find out more about the ferries, visit http://www.waxholmsbolaget.se/


There are toilets designed for disabled persons within the festival area as well as space for wheel chairs. If you need space in the wheel chair-section in front of the stages, you can call Ticketmaster at +46(0) 771 70 70 70.

General information

Below you will find answers to some standard issues, as well as some tips on various things.

If you have questions that we have not managed to answer in advance on this website, you are welcome to send your question to info@stockholmmusicandarts.com or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.


The accreditation for the festival is now closed.


It is not permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages to Stockholm music & arts. For those of you over 18 there are bar areas serving alcohol on the festival site. Due to Swedish alcohol laws you are not allowed to take or consume alcoholic drinks outside of these areas.


Animals are not permitted in the festival site, so please leave your pets at home.


Photographing for publication (be it print, digital or any other professional context) is not allowed without authorization from the festival. No authorization is needed when photographing for private use.
As a private person you are allowed to bring cameras with a zoom of up to 55mm. You are not allowed to bring extra gear such as tripods, battery grips, etc. and it is not allowed to use flash. Filming and recording are not allowed though cellphones with built in cameras and video cameras are, of course, permitted.

Cans, glass and plastic bottles

You are not allowed to bring cans, glass or plastic bottles into the festival site.

Cash machines / ATM

There are no ATMs on the festival site, but all the shops accept credit cards. Please bring cash, since it will shorten your time in the queue.

Crowd surfing

Crowd surfing and stage diving are strictly forbidden as it is a risk to your own and others safety. If you are seen crowd surfing or stage diving you will be asked to leave the festival.

Entering the site without a valid ticket or wristband

Anyone found on the festival site without a valid ticket or wristband will be removed from the festival. This is prosecutable offence and will be reported to the police.


It is not permitted to light fires or barbecues within the festival site.

First Aid

First Aid teams are stationed at all festival stages. There are also mobile first aid teams patrolling the whole site.

Food and drink

There will be bar areas at Stockholm music & arts that sell both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as food. There will also be a number of food vendors outside the bar areas selling a variety of meals and snacks. You may not bring your own food into the festival site.

Information desk

Should you have any questions when you’re at the festival there will be a staffed information desk to help you out. For more information about the festival and Stockholm, please visit: www.visitstockholm.com/


Car parking at the festival is only available for ticket holders with disabilities. We kindly ask you to walk or use public transport when you need to get around in Stockholm.


The festival site and its perimeter are patrolled by security guards. They are there for you protection and to help you if you should need it.

Selling merchandise & advertising

It is not permitted to sell goods or merchandise without prior agreement. It is also not permitted to put up posters or advertise on the festival site with without prior permission. Failure to obey these rules can result in fines.


Tickets can be bought via Ticketmaster herePlease note that all ticket holders must be over 13 years of age. Small children and babies will not be allowed into the festival area. This is due to Swedish rules and guidelines regarding sound levels at live concerts.

Tips & advice

Clothing: Please bring suitable clothing. If rain is forecast bring rainwear. The evenings can be chilly, so please bring something warm to wear even if the weather is hot.

– Earplugs are for sale at the official festival merchandise tent.

– Food and drink: It’s important to drink plenty of water during the day especially if it’s warm and you’re also consuming alcohol. It’s also easy to miss putting some real food in your stomach when you’re busy running around seeing all your favorite bands, so please, don’t forget to drink and eat regularly throughout the day.

– Sunscreen can be a good idea if you’re out in the sun all day so bring some with you.

Where should I stand?

 It is often quite crowded the closer to the stage you get. If you’re not used to being at concerts it may be wise to a bit further back. Should you wish to stand close but avoid the crowd, the sides are always a safe bet. Please watch out for the people around you!

Tree climbing

Please do not climb the trees on the festival site.


Umbrellas are not allowed at the festival. Unfolded umbrellas obstruct the vision of those behind you in the crowd, so please bring rainwear instead.

Wristband exchange

The wristband exchange takes place at the festival entrance on Skeppsholmen.