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Kajsa Lindgren

The Stockholm-based composer, sound artist and field recordist Kajsa Lindgren (born 1990) works with a great interest in exploring environments and different kinds of structures within them through a sound- perspective. Her compositions often focus on sound field recording and developing a kind of eco acoustic perspective within the music, using electroacoustic music as an exploratory method.

One of the reasons why she’s so into field recording is that it can help you get in contact with and learn about new environments, subjects, cultures, structures and living things within them though sound. That it can let you have both an artistic and scientific approach to the recording itself, the material and the composition process. This can of course be applied to all kinds of artistic techniques and processes, but this is the one that she’s found interesting and effective in her work.

Kajsa Lindgrens participation in Stockholm Music & Arts is in collaboration with Audiorama, and consists of a sound installation based on hydrophone recordings, exploring the underwater areas surrounding Skeppsholmen.

Photo credit: Hampus Andersson